New career or discover how the mind works that prevent change and what keeps us doing the same thing over and over.

Complete ‘Insight’ Psychotherapy using [Insightful psychotherapy] to get to the root of any difficulties that are limiting an individuals ability to function at peak performance. To treat clients that have emotional disorders that are out of conscious awareness, such as phobia’s, panic attacks, PTSD and other emotive disorders of the mind. We use ‘Age Regression & utilization of the inner Child which is harmonized with the Adult combined with parts therapy and emotional integration. Complete course, plus Certification via email only £49 inclusive nothing else to buy. Accredited and a guarantee that nothing is left out. For professional that want to add analytical fast treatments to their skill set or for the person that wants to know how they and the families tick. Step by Step instruction from the first call to the induction and the treatment with everything you need to be a success. email me at for a straight reply.  Regards Raymond Lewis FBCSPC

About bcspctraining

Raymond Lewis Psychologist, Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and NLP. Accredited College with NCP. BIH. CMA. interested in fast therapies that work. I combine Hypnotherapy with NLP to produce fast and lasting change for clients with emotional disorders, some times called emotive disorders, PTSD, Phobia's, Panic attacks ETC. I also teach Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP to practitioner levels and all courses are Accredited and up to date in knowledge incorporating best practice and full time support.
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