Worldwide Equal opportunities [No qualifications needed]

Start training today with our proven professional training in all thing psychological. I will teach you step by step to be a practicing Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy or NLP Practitioner at Diploma Level. No qualifications needed to start our professional training programme. This is a no-nonsense programme of practical learning, the nuts and bolts of the therapy world. Nothing is help back and you will learn the complete how to of all our therapies. I will also support you all the way until you have your Certification in your hands, this is a promise I keep. I will also give you discount to show my commitment to you. email me for info. So start today and be the person you want to be, a person with respect in the community, earning what you are worth. Book today by contacting Raymond Lewis Senior accredited Member the National Council of Psychotherapists at or for information at

About bcspctraining

Raymond Lewis Psychologist, Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and NLP. Accredited College with NCP. BIH. CMA. interested in fast therapies that work. I combine Hypnotherapy with NLP to produce fast and lasting change for clients with emotional disorders, some times called emotive disorders, PTSD, Phobia's, Panic attacks ETC. I also teach Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP to practitioner levels and all courses are Accredited and up to date in knowledge incorporating best practice and full time support.
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