Professional ‘Accredited’ Training for people with a passion

If you are the type of Caring person with a real interest in Helping others why not take our Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy  ‘ACCREDITED’ training  Course Registered with the ‘National Council of Psychotherapist’ we offer Professional ‘Diploma Course’ and short courses overseen by the British College of Systemic Psychotherapy and Counselling.  This ‘Advanced’ integrated Training course includes all you need to know about hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming at no extra cost. Raymond Lewis has over 26 yrs experience in training and one to one sessional work so you know that you’re training is coming from a qualified therapist with real hands on practical experience. Just imagine yourself in 10 month’s time working as a therapist at the cutting edge of therapeutic endeavors. Earning what you are worth and being praised for the skills. and being praised for changing life’s for the better. This fully integrated course [Insight Therapy] is only £800 inclusive of all materials, one to one support, certification and registration with the BCSPC and the NCP. A low-cost for so much in developing your skills whilst at the same time supporting your community. this course will be a special interest to NLP/Hypnotherapy practitioners that want to add Psychotherapy to their skills ‘Care Givers’ Nurses, police, teachers and social services, or people with an interest in making personal changes to their own life or in support of loved ones. If you are the right person to have this extra knowledge and skills this course brings to your life’s then go to our main site and book on-line we deliver our programmes world-wide and operate on an anti discrimination policy of equality and equal opportunities regardless of religious beliefs, creed or sect, Book today for a better life tomorrow for you, your family and your community Regards Raymond Lewis FBCSPC Senior ‘Accredited Member National council of Psychotherapist’ Certified Practitioner and Master practitioner NLP AUNLP, Patron the ‘General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. No other course can match the depth and breath of the BCSPC Training look at the Syllabus left of home page for full details of training.

About bcspctraining

Raymond Lewis Psychologist, Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and NLP. Accredited College with NCP. BIH. CMA. interested in fast therapies that work. I combine Hypnotherapy with NLP to produce fast and lasting change for clients with emotional disorders, some times called emotive disorders, PTSD, Phobia's, Panic attacks ETC. I also teach Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP to practitioner levels and all courses are Accredited and up to date in knowledge incorporating best practice and full time support.
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